Add and change languages in Chrome

Duolingo, the popular language learning service, recently added courses in Korean and Czech. As part of your immersion, try configuring Google Chrome in the language you’re learning. The language you set applies to all of Chrome’s settings and menus. This tutorial shows you how to change languages in Google Chrome running on Windows computers or Chromebooks only. For users on Mac or Linux computers, Chrome automatically displays in the language you have configured as the default system language.

Our world isn’t made of earth, air and water or even molecules and atoms; our world is made of language. — Tom Robbins

Setting a new language for Chrome involves adding the new language from a pre-defined list. The list contains 150 languages, including 3 Chinese choices, 6 for English, and 13 varieties of Spanish. Once you have added the language to Chrome, you will need to choose that language as Chrome’s display language. The steps below show you how to add the language and then set it as the display language.

Add a new language to Chrome

Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button (three vertical dots) and choose Settings. Or go to Settings by typing chrome://settings/ into the address bar.

In Settings, scroll down and click Advanced. Continue to scroll through the Advanced settings to the Language section. You can also type chrome://settings/?search=language to go directly to the Language settings. Click the Add languages link.

A comprehensive list of languages in alphabetical order displays in a new Add languages window. Either scroll down the list or use the search box at the top of the list to locate your language. Tick the checkbox for your language, then click the Add button. The screenshot below uses German as an example.

Set the display language

Continuing with German as an example, the added language now displays in your language list. Click the 3-dot menu for the language.

Check the box for Display Google Chrome in this language.

In order for the language selection to take effect, relaunch Google Chrome. When Chrome relaunches, it will use the language you selected.

Although Duolingo just added Korean and Czech courses, Chrome has included both languages for some time. You won’t earn any points for changing the Chrome display language, but you’ll feel like a native speaker.

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